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0 votes
There should be option for admins whether they want header and footer fixed or not
posted Oct 31, 2017 in Improving our themes by Shri Sun 0 answers
+2 votes
Current WYSIWYG editor is very slow and takes a long time to render. there must be faster editors which can be installed as a Q2A Plugin.
posted Aug 7, 2014 in New Plugins by Manfred 0 answers
+1 vote
A user block another user from sending private messages, answer your questions or comment your answers.
posted Jul 4, 2017 in New Plugins by Jonatan 0 answers
+3 votes
I think that a plugin to remove common words like "hello, with, a, an, thanks, please" from question url can be great for Q2A site's SEO.
posted Apr 13, 2014 in New Plugins by Dave 2 answers
+2 votes
Currently users have to send an answer or comment to subscripe to a post to recieve email notifications on post update. if there was another plugin that could add a "Mail Follow" button near "Favorite" button, it would be great.
posted Apr 14, 2014 in New Plugins by Jane 1 answer
+2 votes
Q2A needs a mail subscription plugin, so administrator can add it as a widget to sidebar and users(Visitors) can sign up on that form and recieve site's News.
posted Dec 16, 2013 in New Plugins by anonymous 1 answer
+1 vote
Well I own websites where people share poems and songs that they right and another one where people ask questions related to some language. So the current snow theme doesn ... appealing for language related stuff. I hope if you could make something like this.
posted Apr 16, 2014 in New Themes by gurjyot (200 points) 0 answers
+1 vote
A signature plugin that let's users add Social Links, and can be limited by admin so different user level will have access to different features(entering links, social links, text or HTML format).
posted Oct 10, 2013 in New Plugins by Jay 0 answers
+2 votes
A plugin that gives full inside to my server and report of my Question2Answer site's search engine ranking and SEO!
posted Jan 14, 2014 in New Plugins by julian (250 points) 2 answers
+1 vote
Can you make a lightbox plugin to popup images which are been uploaded on q2a websites. Currently the users have to download images to see then in zoomed manner. So a lightbox ... causing any extra load time. It would be great if you could make such a plugin.
posted Apr 25, 2014 in New Plugins by gurjyot (200 points) 0 answers
+2 votes
Can you develop a password strength meter which is very useful at the time of registration. Normally people complain that their accounts has been hacked but if passwords can ... can even be told to the users while registration. Looking forward to your reply.
posted Apr 14, 2014 in New Plugins by gurjyot (200 points) 0 answers
+2 votes
I want a plugin that lets users favorite a question and add it to a category they created. so for example I can create a category in my profile called "Usefull questions" and add a questions that I like to this category, so later I can easily find it.
posted Apr 9, 2014 in New Plugins by Martin 0 answers
+2 votes
it would be great to have open source Toolbars for Firefox and Chrome with login feature to our Q2A site. so users can log into toolbar and access their updates, messages, top questions, etc...
posted Feb 4, 2014 in Q2A Script by David.M 0 answers
+3 votes
I need a Q2A plugin to let users pay for each question they ask or let them pay for a question to mark it as Featured.
posted Dec 16, 2013 in New Plugins by anonymous 0 answers
+2 votes
A plugin that could let users wait for answer of a question(other than favourite button) and could list number of users (and avatar of a few of them) that are waiting ... . when answer is posted users who were waiting for an answer will get a notification.
posted Feb 13, 2014 in New Plugins by Questioner 0 answers
+3 votes
Ask form in Question2Answer should change to let user fill the question form, then when they submit it ask them to sign up or login to system to continue the process. it would greatly increase registration rate.
posted Dec 16, 2013 in Q2A Script by anonymous 0 answers
+2 votes
A site for Q2A that let's service providers list their services and prices, or a freelance site where visitors can list services they require and freelancers can bid their prices!
posted Oct 11, 2013 in Our Company by towhid (980 points) 0 answers
+3 votes
It would be good to have a plugin that lets users choose their language in their profiles.
posted Oct 10, 2013 in New Plugins by Alex 0 answers
+2 votes
2 of of default WP themes are already available for free. but it would be great to have all of them(also with RtL styling)!
posted Oct 10, 2013 in New Themes by Ali 0 answers
+2 votes
a plugin that adds social meta tags(information that social sites like facebook use to show shared links detail) and admin will be able to set images for tags, categories or keywords to be used as thumbnail image while sharing.
posted Oct 10, 2013 in New Plugins by Adam 0 answers
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